Notes from the Chair

Paul Shoup
AAPC Northwest Region Chair

To My Dear AAPC-NW Friends,

Do I have news for you! Not too many years ago we were asking the question if we were going to die or not.  Our answer to that was NO! Since then we have had two regional conferences, several sub-regional case consultation, several sub-regional book studies and an attempt to help those in the “hinter lands” to have some connection
Now we have even bigger news, we are going to be getting married or maybe more accurately, we are being adopted. An agreement has been made between AAPC Board of Directors and the Board of the Standard for Spiritual Care and Education formally known as ACPE.  Steps are being taken to bring about this new relationship next year.
Our leadership believes that this will be of benefit to both organizations.  I anticipate that we will have discussion of this new relationship at our Regional Conference in Gig Harbor during the business meeting.  I hope that you will join us for that discussion.  If you know of any ACPE members, encourage them to join us November 9th and 10th in Gig Harbor. In this newsletter is a bit of a description of what has been happening. Here is an excerpt of Kathryn Summers Letter to her region that elaborates a bit more:
I am writing today to share important developments over this past year: 

          1) Rolling out the new training curriculum
          2) Possibilities for new organizational support
          3) Encourage you to register for our conference if you have not already done so.

New Training Curriculum
Perhaps the best news from the past year is the remarkable progress that has been made in developing a 30 hour curriculum for Spiritually-Integrated Psychotherapy. This work was developed as a result of the Regional Summit meeting and has now been completed by a task force including folks from around the Association. That curriculum will launch as a pilot program later this year, and you will have a chance to learn more about it as time goes along.

New Organizational Support
By now, I hope you’ve had a chance to read our president, Tere Canzoneri’s extremely important letter of September 20 announcing AAPC’s intention to bring the life of our organization under the administrative care of ACPE. (For all the background material, FAQs, etc. please visit our website at
Both ACPE and AAPC have common origins in the utilization of the clinical method and pastoral theological pedagogy of Anton Boisen. This potential re-unification bring us together with brothers and sisters who have traveled a different road since 1963. Moreover, by connecting AAPC within the administrative structure of ACPE, we will gain faster administrative support for the work we are doing. Indeed, ACPE has the staff and expertise to support us in ways that we have not experienced in quite some time. We will also save ourselves the time, money, and energy that would be required to start a new organization. And perhaps most importantly, it provides us a way to begin offering our “new wine” – the curriculum we have developed – to the world in the very near future.
By now you should have received your registration brochure.  If you did not, please contact me, or 206-914-1425.  We believe that this will be a good opportunity to re-connect, learn a lot, and enjoy some relaxation. 
Our future is going to be as an educational organizational.  Part of this will be as we are working on putting together the tools that will make it possible to have the presentations by Dr. Carrie Doehring be presented as a webinar.  Note that opportunity on your registration brochure.  This is going to be part of the future.  We will be able to get educational training, CPE hours, and connections with persons throughout the country that value the Spiritual Integration and Therapy.

I hope to see you in Gig Harbor.

Paul Shoup, Chair Northwest Region AAPC