Notes from the Treasurer

Anthony Terndrup
AAPC Northwest Region Treasurer

From February 22 to February 25, over two dozen representatives from the Board of Directors and the Regions gathered at a retreat center outside Baltimore, MD to discern a path forward for the American Association of Pastoral Counselors.  Paul Shoup and I represented our Northwest Region.

Rev. Dr. Claire W. Bamberg, our newly elected AAPC Vice-President, served as a consultant to facilitate the discernment process.   On Thursday evening, we were presented with a radical call to transform even further our professional organization in order to sustain our beloved community and to steward our precious resources.  After empathically and respectfully working through our individual and collective responses to this urgent challenge, we embraced the task confronting us.

On Friday, leaders from each Region presented their visions for organizational change and stabilization.  Next, we commingled and collected ourselves around tables representing similar proposals, which included:

  • becoming a grant-funding foundation.
  • merging with the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE).
  • transforming into a new organization.

Eventually, those of us at the first table joined with others at the second and third tables.  Later, we counted off to form four groups to discuss the two remaining proposals.  We reached consensus to transform into a new organization and to explore collaborative partnerships with ACPE.

On Saturday, each of our four groups was assigned to focus on a specific component of a new organization.  These concentrations included:

  • Administrative Structure.  We anticipate association management companies and ACPE will be invited to submit requests for proposals (RFPs) to provide administrative supports and services.
  • Branding and Marketing.  We foresee the need for a branding and marketing study to name our new organization.  Meanwhile, we reached consensus to replace “Pastoral” with more inclusive language.
  • Conferences and Continuing Education.  We hope to convene annual conferences in collaboration with allied professional associations, including ACPE.  Whenever and wherever possible, continuing education programs sponsored locally or regionally will be available as webinars to maximize access and attendance.
  • Training Programs.  We expect to build on the training programs being developed in the Southeast (i.e., Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy) and Northeast (i.e., Pastoral Care Specialist) Regions.

On Sunday morning, we gathered to reflect on our process and to celebrate our gratitude for the presence and action of the Spirit working within us and among us.

We realize this brief summary may raise as many questions as it answers.  We hope you will attend our 2018 AAPC NW Regional Fall Conference on November 9 and 10 at Seattle University, at which time we will know and share more information with you.  In the meantime, we can assert and affirm with confidence:
AAPC is taking the next steps in our transformation, out of which a new organization is emerging. The vision and creativity of the regions are generating this new organization, focused on education, professional development, formation, and community building.

Next steps include:

  • working closely with the board and regional leadership and members organization-wide, to create, over the next two to three years, a new, more nimble, accessible, sustainable organization that honors the best of our heritage.
  • forming work groups that focus on, and are not limited to, the following:
    • mission statement.
    • business plan.
    • administrative structures.
    • conferences.
    • educational initiatives.
    • professional development.

Our aims are:

  • to extend the gifts of this community to new constituencies and future generations in the changing psycho-spiritual landscape.
  • to be better stewards of our finances and of the living wisdom of our community in a way that welcomes new professional circles.
  • to seek out others whose gifts, skills and wisdom will add to or enhance the building of our new organization.

In summary, we are going to:

  • improve our capacity for serving the world, empowering spiritually integrated and spiritually inclusive care.
  • take things we do well, and increase them in volume and effectiveness in collaboration with others who will join us.
  • enter into a comprehensive branding study, and we are committed to choosing a name that is as broad, deep and wide as we intend to become.

Please continue to renew your membership during this season of transition and transformation.   We need your voice and wisdom to inform and support our journey of faith into the future.






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