Notes from the Chair

Paul Shoup
AAPC Northwest Region Chair

Anthony has written a very good article about what happened at the AAPC Summit in Baltimore in February.  My follow up to that is what is that going to mean to us here in the Northwest.

First, it is doubtful that the concept of Regions is going to continue after the new organization is formed.  That means that what happens out here will be up to those of us that have energy and the will to put into seeing  that Spiritually Integrated therapy is exposed to those who are being or have been trained and licensed in more traditional modes of therapy.

To me this is thinking in reverse order of what we were exposed to in the past for Pastoral Counseling.  In the past, the theological part came first.  Those who had graduated from theological schools but without the counseling  training were invited into training programs with those who were certified as Pastoral Counselors.

Now, it will be those who have the education/training as counselors in our Universities and are becoming or have become licensed as Mental Health or Marriage and Family Counselors who we will be inviting to learn about integrating spirituality into their counseling practice.

I see this being done in several ways.  There are those across the country that will be producing educational products that will be available on line.  There will be those that will be providing on site educational opportunities, like our regional conferences.  There are those that will be doing Pastoral Care Specialist  for pastors and lay persons who are wanting to learn more about various aspects of this area.

In addition, we in the Northwest have started having gatherings and online opportunities for exposing others to spiritual integration.  This is an area where we need to reach out to Universities and invite their students and faculty to join us on a regular basis for talking about and showing how we do this kind of work.

The two areas that have begun this process are in Oregon and the Seattle/North areas.  We hope to get the Seattle/South and the Outlying Areas going.  It will take people who are willing to spread the word and invite others to join with us.  This is where you come in.  I hope when you get an invitation for one of the sub groups that you will bring someone along with you.

The final way for us out here in the Northwest, will be our Fall Conference.  We will be meeting again at Seattle University on November 9th and 10.  Mark your calendar now and plan to be with us.





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