Notes from the Chair

Paul Shoup
AAPC Northwest Region Chair

For those of you who were in attendance at our Fall conference at Seattle University, we were treated to a wonderful educational experience presented by Dr. Jill Snodgrass. We were encouraged by the spirited discussions and conversations about the value of integrating spirituality with the therapeutic process.

We also took opportunity to remember the contributions and the value that Doug Anderson brought to our region and to the whole movement of Pastoral Counseling. We know well how much Doug will be missed from our fellowship.

We are now looking forward to the future. We are hoping to energize our four subregions to connect with each other so that we have a much more grassroots effort and opportunity for persons to find therapists with similar interests. This past year three of the four regions got started. Oregon had a number of Zoom/phone connections. They will miss the significant effort that Eddy Crouch put into that region. The outlying subregion had good Zoom connections. The Seattle/North Washington region had two brown bag lunch gatherings.

To help with the administrative side of the equation, I am happy to announce that Anthony Terndrup has joined Greg Johanson and me on the executive committee. Anthony will serve as the treasurer of the region. Anthony has both the passion and the administrative experience to help us through these next years. We welcome you, Anthony.

As a part of the support for our region, we have received a grant for nearly $20,000 to help us strengthen our efforts to increase our membership and have a greater attendance at our next Fall Conference. We thank Eddy for her work on the grant proposal and the Association for their encouragement.

Speaking of the next Fall Conference, we have contracted with Dr. Carrie Doehring to be our main presenter. Be sure to make these dates on your calendar. One of the ways that we will increase interest in AAPC-NW will be to not only think of, but to invite other professionals who have an interest in the connectivity of spirituality and therapy to join with you. I also would challenge you to join me in this effort and even to pay for their registration.

In order to help make our administrative go more smoothly, we have also contracted with JMS Association Management of Aurora, Colorado. They are also the management company for the West Region . Ms. Josie Hall will be a part of all of the administrative Zoom calls that we have.

Last but not least, the Association Board of Directors has called for a Summit meeting for the leadership of each region along with the board to make some serious decisions about where we go from here. The reality is that our organization is not sustainable as we are now functioning. At most we will run out of money in about 3 years. Greg, Anthony and I will be attending the meeting in Baltimore February 22-25. The plan is to enter the meeting with 3 to 4 specific plans and to end with a plan for the future. If you have thoughts about what your recommendations are, please contact either Greg or me. We will let you know the results no later than our Spring Newsletter.