Surprising Reasons that Leaders Step Up to the Plate

In 1995 Eddy Brame and Marty Crouch sat in front of Eddy’s early version of the beige compact Apple computer with the nine-inch screen, while Eddy furiously worked on completing her application for Certified Pastoral Counselor. Marty supportively looked on as he secretively hoped Eddy would speed up the process. He wanted to proceed with his mission to take her to the coast for a romantic getaway.

This would be the beginning of a commitment the couple made to contribute to the American Association of Pastoral Counselors. Marty would take on the role of supportive technical assistant behind the scenes while Eddy served in leadership positions and became a Fellow in the AAPC.

With a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology and experience as a software engineer, Marty was the perfect person to assist Eddy when she volunteered to serve as AAPC Northwest Newsletter Editor in 2003. Eddy had the vision and Marty had the know-how. Marty had already been attending AAPC NW Regional Meetings with Eddy for quite some time and he supported the association’s mission to bring healing and hope to our world.

In 2008, Eddy was appointed as the AAPC NW Web Keeper. Even though Eddy had completed courses in Web Site Management in the Portland State University Web Site Developer’s Program, she knew nothing about scripting languages and content management systems. Marty was the brains behind Eddy’s zeal.

The couple made a good team since they had first met. Marty pursued Eddy for business reasons as he sought to begin a life coaching practice when Eddy was serving as a pastoral counselor at Living Enrichment Center (LEC). Marty had been tipped off by a friend in the LEC Men’s Ministry that Eddy might have some suggestions about how to start his coaching practice. The romantic getaway Marty was planning in 1995 resulted in a proposal for marriage and the two vowed to share their counseling skills as a couple to help others pursue healthy relationships.

Their team relationship included working together on the AAPC Technology Task Force in 2010 with the charge of a comprehensive review of the Association’s technology assets, needs, policies and possibilities. Eddy would be the one attending the meetings, but it would be Marty that would be providing the expertise on hardware, software, electronic bill paying, database management and broadcast emails.

In November of 2016, a call was put out for regional volunteers to serve as Content Managers for the roll-out of the association’s new website and Eddy encouraged Marty to step up to the plate. That is just what he did and to make his appointment valid, he became a member of the AAPC. In this role he assisted the new association management company in setting up the registration system for regional conference attendees.

Finally, Marty was an integral part of providing technical and moral support to Eddy has she prepared the Mission Advance Program Grant Proposal that awarded the NW Region $19, 680 for regional outreach and development. By the time the grant was approved, Marty was in a wheelchair with end-stage metastatic melanoma. His memorial service at the Multnomah Friends Meetinghouse, where he and Eddy were members of the Religious Society of Friends, was attended by the Chair and Associate Chair of the AAPC NW Region on November 5, 2017.